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Dress and protect your floors in style with our selection of decorative rugs. Rugs are more cost-effective and more easily changeable that window and wall coverings. Use them to keep your doorways mud-free and protect your hardwood floors from scratches and scuffs - even layer rugs over your carpet for extra plush style. Rugs help homeowners create comfortable and inviting living spaces, and at Sierra Verde Home Design Center, we offer high quality indoor and outdoor rugs from Loloi®, Jaunty, and Kalaty. Homeowners therefore can choose from countless combinations of material, size, shape, color, and crafting techniques for a rug that elevates your interiors from your flooring up.


Fabric is a key element of interior design with its appearance and texture. Durability is an especially important factor when deciding your rug’s fabric. The different dyeing techniques of wool give homeowners a range of both elegant and bohemian styles while knotty jute rugs add a casual, organic style to your rooms. Before you decide on a rug for your room, consider your area’s floor traffic. Rugs that experience the same tread will show tracks over time, so pick rugs with hardy fabrics that will show less signs of wear. Stain-resistant and washable rugs make for easy clean-up with accidents happen.

Loloi®, Jaunty, and Kalaty Rugs from Sierra Verde Home Design Center near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)


The construction of your rug will determine its design, durability, and price. Hand knotted, hand loomed, and hand tufted rugs have the individual character that only hand-crafted décor can have; however, the time and cost-effectiveness of power loomed rugs allows for more accessible designs. Because of the many ways a rug may be weaved, homeowners can choose their rugs based on what they value most.

  • Hand knotted rugs are painstakingly crafted by hand knotting the “warp” and the weft” – the vertical and horizontal - rug yarn using ancient techniques. These rugs are created by skilled artisans and are most commonly found in Turkish, Persian, and Oriental rugs.
  • A hand loomed rug is woven on a vertical loom. Because a hand knotted rug is created through each individual knot, they can be more detailed than hand loomed rugs, but only on one side - hand loomed rugs are woven in a basket-like fashion that conveniently lets them to be reversible.
  • Power loomed rugs are cost-effective alternatives to hand woven rugs. They are weaved using a machine, cutting down on costly labor and time otherwise required for a hand-woven rug. While there are limits to how many colors a single power loomed rug may contain, its streamlined construction makes favorite designs more easily available.
  • Hand tufted rugs are created using a tufting gun. Yarn is punched through a canvas, and the tufts hidden by gluing a cloth to the back of the rug. Hand tufted rugs are more readily made than other hand-woven rugs, but at the same time may be less resilient than its hand knotted and hand loomed counterparts.
  • Hooked rugs let homeowners choose from more novelty designs due to greater freedom of the stitching. Yarn is pulled through a cloth to form simple pictures or intricate designs. Hooked rugs differ from tufted rugs in the fact that tufted rugs have a sheared surface, while hooked rugs are looped.

Size and Shape

Oriental rugs, area rugs from Sierra Verde Home Design Center near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)

The size of your rug is important: all of your conversation pieces are being displayed onyou’re your rug needs to be large enough to cover your desired area, but not so large as to make your rug feel like a makeshift carpet. Give yourself room from the edge of your furniture to the edge of your rug; or to save space, let your furniture be half on, half off your rug. If you have a small area rug that won’t allow for either of these techniques, you don’t have to part with it. Layer it on top of a larger rug for a full, chic look.

The shape of your rug will provide another visually interesting element to your flooring. Traditional rectangular rugs are easy to place and position, but round, square, and runner rugs allow for placements throughout your home while giving your rooms a break from the rest of their rectangular elements.


Bring out colors already present in your rooms or make your rug a stunning centerpiece with alluring patterns and colors. Because your rug displays your most important furniture pieces, your rug color should complement the rest of your décor. Homeowners may also use vibrant or contrasting colors to liven their rooms stand out.

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