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Lighting affects how we see colors and textures and is an important factor in how we physically feel in a room. Light fixtures can also be a primary focal point in a room. Sierra Verde Home Design Center carries many styles of lighting from top brands, including Currey & Co., Hubbardton Forge, Hammerton Lighting, and Visual Comfort. We’d love to help you create an ideal lighting atmosphere in every space of your home.

Dark bedroom with bed and light dimming shades

You may think of lighting as a single-faceted component in design, but good lighting is essential to good design. We urge you to remember that the ceiling isn’t required to be the primary, or only, source of light in a room. It’s almost important to create layers of light using the four types of lighting:

  1. Ambient: This is the soft lighting that provides a gentle glow.
  2. General: General lighting can be a combination of several sources but is usually placed as overhead lighting.
  3. Task: You use task lighting every day. Think about the light above a prep area in your kitchen or a reading lamp on your nightstand. This type of lighting is placed in a particular area for a specific purpose.
  4. Accent: The last type is for decorative purposes. Accent lights add drama and enhance visual interest to a space.

Types of Fixtures

Now that you know about the different types of lighting, let’s talk about the various fixtures you can use to create the perfect amount of light in any room.

  • Flush & Semi-Flush Mounts: Both of these types are typically placed on the ceiling to provide overhead lighting and not detract from the amount of available space in the room. A semi-flush light will never hang more than about six inches below the ceiling.
  • Chandeliers: Chandeliers are meant to be distinctive, decorative, and dramatic. This type of fixture provides more than one source of light and is an excellent option for formal dining rooms. You can also go with a more abstract design and use a chandelier in your living room.
  • Lamps: Everyone is familiar with lamps. You can use table or floor lamps to enhance overhead lighting, and lamps are easy to move around if you need lighting elsewhere.
  • Sconces: Also known as wall lights, sconces can act as task lighting or add to the ambiance of a room. Free up your surfaces by mounting this lighting option against the wall for added interest.
  • Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are a multi-use fixture as they can be used without the light on to create air flow, or with only the light on cooler days.
sconces, lighting, lamps, led lights, ceiling fans, chandelier, floor lamp near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)

Lighting Different Rooms

It’s much easier to create a welcoming environment if you know how to place lighting in different areas of your home. When it comes to lights, always think of quality over quantity. Too many sources of light in a room can make uncomfortable bright spots and make your guests feel as though they’re being interrogated instead of entertained.

lighting, lamps, led lights, ceiling fans, wall lights, chandelier, floor lamp near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)

Your entryway is the first spot in your home that you and your guests will see, so you want it to be warm and welcoming. Chandeliers are great for tall ceilings but if your ceilings come up short, simply choose a fixture that you love and provides a warm tone of lighting. In other words, bright LED lights are not the best choice for foyers.

Save those white-toned lights for around your bathroom mirror where brighter task lighting is a must. You can also add recessed track lighting for a dimmer, relaxing environment while you soak in a hot bath. Living rooms should have a source of bright light but also an abundance of ambient and task lighting. Try a few floor lamps and wall sconces, and use a dimmer switch for an overhead source of lighting.

Kitchens need bright overhead lighting as well as task lights for prepping food. In your dining room, you want to be able to see what you’re eating but you don’t want the room as brightly lit as the kitchen. Chandeliers look amazing in most dining rooms and can be used with a dimmer switch to create a more romantic ambiance when desired.

Working with Your Space

When in doubt, we suggest going with a larger lighting fixture. Small fixtures can look like a hastily placed afterthought, especially in larger rooms or those with tall ceilings. However, you also need to keep the visual weight of the lighting in mind. A large, dark-colored fixture may look better on a smaller scale than a light-colored, airy fixture. We carry lighting including selections from Currey & Co., Hubbardton Forge, Hammerton Lighting, and Visual Comfort. Choose your favorites!

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