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If food is the key to the heart and bringing the family together, then grills are as essential to your outdoor living as kitchens are to your indoor life. An outdoor kitchen gives homeowners a new repertoire of recipes and a fresh air lifestyle that doesn’t just stop at a summer cookout. At Sierra Verde Home Design Center, we have Blaze® charcoal, electric, and gas grills engineered to surpass homeowner expectations of what outdoor living can be—and all at an affordable price.

Blaze® Grills

Blaze® Grills are specifically engineered to meet amateur and professional griller needs. Blaze® believes in creating great food and experiences for all skills and ages, constructed so to gather your family and friends for outdoor memories for years to come. All Blaze® grills are specifically designed for a diversity of homeowners in mind, and customers can be confident in a grill that looks good and cooks well longer with the lifetime warranty on all Blaze® grills.

Gas Grills

Blaze® Grills has three collections of gas grills: the Professional LUX, Premium LTE, and Prelude LBM.

  • Professional LUX gas grills include a 34-inch 3-burner built-in grill and a 44-inch 4-burner built-in gas grill with rear infrared burners. The commercial quality steel burners each pack 18,000 BTUs of cooking power for unlimited outdoor cooking ability. The rear infrared burner has 10,000 BTUs of cooking power and a full rotisserie kit with a durable waterproof motor. Interior lights make cooking at night safe and easy, and the double-lined hood resists heat discoloration while at the same time better insulating your food for perfect, even cooking.
Gas grills from Blaze® from Sierra Verde Home Design Center near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)
  • The Premium LTE collection includes a marine grade 4-burner grill, a 32-inch 4-burner LTE gas grill, and 40-inch 5-burner LTE gas grill with rear burners and built-in lighting system. Heat zone separators allow for cooking of multiple items at multiple temperatures simultaneously. A flame thrower primary ignition makes preparing food quick, and flame stabilizing grids even cooking while maximizing grilled flavor. Furthermore, the Blaze® Marine Grade 316L 4-Burner Premium LTE is approved for multiuse applications, including apartments, hotels, condominiums, and even fire departments.
  • The Prelude LBM collection consists of a 25” 3-burner grill and a 32” 4-burner grill. The Prelude LBM boasts a full-length drip tray for easy cleanup, as well as 8mm durable stainless steel cooking rods and an alternate flash tube ignition. The Prelude LBM 25” 3-Burner Gas Grill features 558 square inches of cooking space and the Prelude LBM 32” 4-Burner Grill features 740 square inches of cooking space with 14,000 BTUs of cooking power per burner for less time at the grill and more time enjoying a meal with friends.
Charcoal grills from Blaze® from Sierra Verde Home Design Center near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)

Charcoal Grills

Blaze® charcoal grills include a 32” charcoal grill and a 20” cast aluminum kamado. The 32” charcoal grill has four cooking grids with a hook and hang system to easily add charcoal and wood while cooking. An adjustable charcoal tray allows for multiple cooking temperatures, and a pull-out ash pan makes for easy cleanup. The Blaze® 20” Cast Aluminum Kamado features a durable 1 ¼-inch thick cast aluminum body with a cast molded exhaust cap for better heat control. It is easily opened and operated with a hinged lid and cooking surface and is engineered for superior heat retention.

Electric Grills

The Blaze® Electric Grill contains a 1500-Watt electric heating element that cooks up to a surface temperature of 749 °F. It is water resistant with 9mm triangular steel cooking rods for long-term, heavy duty use in a variety of settings. The pull-out drip tray makes for simple and convenient after-cooking cleanup.

Electric grills from Blaze® from Sierra Verde Home Design Center near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)
Multiuse grills and specialty griddles from Sierra Verde Home Design Center near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)

Other Grills

Our selection of Blaze® Grills also lets us offer homeowners portable and marine grade grills as well as gas griddles and power burners. Blaze® specialty cooking appliances let you host from day to night, so you’re ready for the neighborhood no matter what time it is.


We have all the accessories for your Blaze® Grill that will make your BBQs perfectly smoky and effortless. Upgrade your grill with a drip tray flame guard, shelves, cooking plates, or grill skin colors for stylish and efficient cooking. Rotisserie kits and indirect cooking systems improve grilled flavor and make any recipe within reach.

Grilling Accessories for bbqs, Blaze® at Sierra Verde Home Design Center near Incline Village, Nevada (NV)

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Sierra Verde Home Design Center works to provide homeowners with incredible living spaces, inside and outside. Call or contact us today for more information on our Blaze® grills and other kitchen design services, or visit us in our showroom in Incline Village, Nevada. We are proud to provide our home design expertise to Incline Village and Reno, NV; King's Beach, Tahoe Vista, and Truckie, CA; and the Tahoe area as well as the surrounding communities.