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Controlling Light in your Home with Blackout Shades

There’s nothing worse than being woken up too early in the morning by the sun streaming through your windows. It can wake you up long before you are ready and ruin a good night's sleep. Controlling light in your home is crucial when trying to get a good night’s rest, and Blackout shades are a great way to do that! There are many different options for window treatments with full light-blocking abilities, meaning that no matter the style or size of your windows, you can have the light control that you need.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades blocking out light in the room of a home

The Basics: Hunter Douglas Blackout Shades

There are several different window treatments available that you can use to blackout any room in your home. Blinds, Shades, curtains, and drapes all are able to block out all of the light that you need. But just because you need light control doesn't mean you can't have style and creative choices as well.

Hunter Douglas offers several different lines of designer window treatments that are equipped with light-blocking and filtering abilities. If you're looking for a great combination of light filtering and light blocking, then the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades are the best choice for you. If you’re looking for a window treatment with a little more sophistication, Vignette® Roman Shades comes equipped with modern features in a classic presentation.

If you're trying to sleep, it's important that your bedroom remain dark

If you're trying to sleep, it's important that your bedroom remain dark. A dark environment has been shown to promote healthy circadian rhythms-the roughly 24-hour cycle of biological processes in humans and other animals-and reduce the amount of time it takes people to fall asleep at night. It also helps them stay asleep longer, resulting in a better quality of rest overall. A good way to make sure that your bedroom is sufficiently dark when you need it is by investing in blackout shades for the windows in all of your bedrooms.

Couples can look into installing blackout curtains or shades to eliminate the light from their bedroom

If you've ever tried to sleep in on a Saturday morning, you know that light can be a real drag. Blocking out the sun is essential if you want to get some rest and recharge your batteries any time of year the sun comes out earlier than you’d like. Plus, getting enough good sleep is one of the simplest and best ways to ensure that you are happy and in a good mood- meaning getting a good night's sleep can be very important for a healthy relationship!

Arguing with or snipping at your significant other just because you didn't get enough sleep the night before is never a good thing. Prevent this problem by installing some blackout shades in your room! That way, you won't ever have to worry about stray sunlight waking you up before you are well-rested again.


The most important thing to remember is that blackout shades can come in any size, shape, or style that you need. Whether you are looking for blackout shades, other window treatments, an interior designer, an interior decorator, or anything else, you are in the right place. Sierra Verde Home Design Center is a premier interior design firm with everything that you need to create the environment of your dreams. To get started with your next project, call us at (775) 831-2204 or contact us online to schedule your consultation. We proudly serve the Tahoe area and beyond!